Are your Labs Certified?

Yes, all seven labs are TNI/NELAP certified with Florida as the certifying state. Their FDOH certification numbers are: Jacksonville – E82574, Jacksonville – ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited, Tampa – E84589, Gainesville – E82001, Orlando – E53076, Miami – E82535, Tallahassee – E811095, and Fort Myers – E84492.

Can I get pre-labeled bottles?

Yes, if you provide us with the sampling point and other information, AEL can print customized labels that allow you to simply fill in the sampler name and the date/time information on the bottles – everything else is already printed on the labels for you convenience.

What about bonding?

AEL is routinely bonded for government contracts and has not had a problem meeting any such stipulations required for project performance. Bonding can take time, however, so if your project requires bonding, please allow us two weeks notice.

Is AEL insured?

AEL is fully insured under General, Professional, Auto, and Workers Compensation liability policies.

Does AEL accept credit cards?

Yes, Visa, MasterCard and Government issue cards.

Can AEL accept overseas samples?

Yes. AEL is approved by the USDA to accept soil samples from outside the country.

What is your DUNs number and CAGE code?

DUNs is 039356584, CAGE code is 1TGE1.

What is AEL’s small business status?

AEL is registered with the Federal Small Business Administration as a small business under the NAICS code (replacement for SIC codes) of 541380 – laboratory services.

Has AEL ever performed work for the Federal Government?

Yes. AEL has performed work for the EPA, Navy, Air Force, Army Corps of Engineers, USGS, FAA, US Fish and Wildlife, and the USDA. AEL was awarded GSA contract GS-24F-0080N in the summer of 2003 and has done work from coast to coast under the contract directly for the Federal government. Additionally, AEL has DoD ELAP certification for performing testing at military bases (ELAP certificate ADE-1960).

How long has AEL been in business?

AEL was founded in Jacksonville in 1994. The Tampa lab began operation as AEL in 1998, Gainesville in 2000, Orlando in 2004, Miami in 2008, and Tallahassee in 2010.

Can AEL provide electronic data deliverables?

Yes. AEL can provide almost any format requested from Excel spreadsheets to customized data sets for your systems.

Does AEL offer courier service?

Yes. AEL provides courier service for projects within certain distances from our laboratories. Please contact the closest AEL lab to find out about availability.

Does AEL perform RUSH turnaround analysis?

For nominal surcharges, AEL is well equipped to provide RUSH analysis for most parameters. However, RUSH projects must be scheduled in advance in order to insure the lab can reserve capacity and plan for your project.

What is AEL’s standard turnaround time?

Standard is five (5) working days for normal environmental testing. Larger group tests such as TCLPs and Appendix II and IX may be ten (10) working days. Drinking and wastewater are ten (10) working days.