Florida Clean-up Programs (Petroleum, Dry Cleaners, Brownfields): AEL has been performing work under the various State of Florida clean-up programs since 1994. For dozens of clients and scores of sites, AEL has provided accurate results on a quick turnaround (standard five to seven working days), helping them save time and money in turn. Our project managers are familiar with the state requirements for the programs including methods allowed and tests required for different matrices (from the 62-770, 62-781, 62-785 and the 62-777 rules). In addition, AEL’s proprietary SELECT AEL data management program helps you to almost instantly produce the State’s required Benzo(a)pyrene Conversion Tables and allow you to quickly update your project’s FDEP Analytical Summary forms.

Landfill Operations: AEL’s landfill clients include cities, counties, and private companies. In addition to providing analysis, AEL also has field technicians with years of experience in landfill sampling (be it routine groundwater and surface water monitoring, leachate collection systems, or special circumstances). Our field personnel keep up-to-date on field protocols and record detailed field logs of all activities. They can also serve you as a good set of eyes regarding the site’s condition – quickly notifying you about change to sites that you may seldom actually visit. When clients provide permits, our project managers are able to alert clients promptly if any analytical results surpass regulated limits. And AEL can provide ADaPT EDDs and the State of Florida Ground Water Monitoring forms for your project – completely filled out and ready to be submitted to the regulating agency.

Water Supply / Wastewater Treatment: AEL is one of the State’s leading laboratories in testing drinking water supply and wastewater treatment operations – providing services to scores of supply and treatment plants across the peninsula. In addition to cities, counties, and state agencies, our clients also include private supply and treatment companies, dozens of industrial clients, and food and beverage producers. We also have a well-documented and simple to follow program for your DMRQA study reports. Our analysts use top quality equipment and techniques, and follow all the appropriate Federal and State guidelines for this critical service. And knowing the crucial importance of certain results, AEL’s policy is for our project managers to immediately call clients when results exceed acceptance criteria.

CERCLA / RCRA: AEL has experience providing the in-depth QA/QC required under these two national clean-up programs. Working as a subcontractor to some of the world’s largest engineering/consulting firms, AEL has provided analytical services for every step from initial investigations through operations & maintenance, with data submitted to the State of Florida DEP, the US EPA, and the Army Corps. Our experience includes doing 24-hour turnaround on multiple parameters for start-up treatment systems, doing chemical forensics to help determine sources of contamination, and working with the client’s project team to assist in scheduling and planning of large scale field efforts.

Property Transfers / Due Diligence: People normally think of these as small, rather routine jobs – just testing for coliform and a few metals usually for a home sale. And AEL does literally hundreds of these every year for private buyers and sellers, and for real-estate agencies. But when large properties or industrial facilities are involved, things can actually get pretty interesting! Strict confidentiality, careful and complete documentation, and on-time delivery are critical for what can be huge business deals. Because AEL knows this and performs accordingly, we do a great deal of testing for some of the largest retail firms in the world.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES): AEL performs services for scores of clients under their NPDES permits and was the lab chosen to work on a special NPDES study performed for the Federal Aviation Administration. We can supply the sampling services and the auto-compositors to handle your events on schedule and help keep your facility in compliance. We also work with many private firms that service dozens of their own clients, and with industrial clients that prefer to do their own sampling. Either way, we can provide pre-labeled bottles to help eliminate transcription errors and our project managers can help coordinate all your events – be they daily, semi-annually, or rain event dependant.

Industrial Waste / Hazardous Waste Characterization: For industrial clients of all sizes and for dozens of others, AEL performs hazardous waste compliance testing on a routine basis. On average, AEL performs over 1,000 TCLP and over 500 SPLP extractions to test for volatiles, semi-volatiles, metals, herbicides, and pesticides every year.