AELAdvanced Environmental Laboratories, Inc. is a TNI / NELAP certified, full-service environmental analytical laboratory firm, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, with additional offices in Fort Myers, Gainesville, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, and Tampa.

AEL was founded in 1994 and is still owned by the same sole proprietor, Charles Ged. He opened AEL with himself and one analyst, and a dream of one day building his small company into the best lab in Florida. Today, AEL is well on its way with a network of seven facilities and over 1,000 clients across the state. Staffed by professionals knowledgeable about the local regulatory environment, AEL places a premium on providing personalized service and a top quality product to every client, be they billion dollar corporations or a small home builder.

AEL performs over 50,000 projects a year and hundreds of thousands of individual tests. Typical projects include analytical investigations of soil, water, and air at RCRA, CERCLA, landfill, UST, drinking water, wastewater, commercial property transfer, remediation, and O&M sites. Clients include over 100 City, County, and State agencies across Florida; Federal agencies including the EPA, Navy, Air Force, and ACOE; many of the world’s largest environmental consulting firms; and dozens of commercial firms from small fabrication shops to huge breweries and theme parks.

AEL’s state-wide coverage makes us an ideal partner for consulting firms whose projects take them all over the State. Our ability to provide courier service, bottles, project management, and analysis from seven locations spread throughout Florida makes your life a whole lot easier – especially when you are far from your home base! Below are brief descriptions of our local operations.

At AEL, our passion is our work.  We want to be the best environmental laboratory in business.  We want our clients to know that they can count on us to give them the best product available; best service, best data quality, and best deliverables.  Born from an ardent love of our craft, from chemist to courier to lab manager, we have an intense desire and a boundless enthusiasm to succeed in this goal.

Passionate about our work, passionate about our service, passionate in our goal to be the best.

Human Resources:

AEL’s staff includes degreed chemists, biologists, microbiologists, and other scientists, along with trained technicians and support staff. AEL is committed to helping its employees grow professionally and personally. In addition, AEL recognizes that a stable workforce is a key to continuity, and continuity is a key to quality for an environmental testing laboratory. AEL’s strong commitment to its staff shows in its low employee turnover, which remains below that typical for the industry. AEL offers a very competitive salary and benefits package which includes PTO, health insurance, and an employer matching retirement plan. AEL’s diversified portfolio of clients and projects enables it to avoid the highs and low of work that many of its competitors face, and makes for a very stable working environment for its employees.

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