Corporate Staff

Chuck Ged

Joined AEL:  1994    

Started in Industry:  1985

Chuck is the founder and President of AEL. He has been responsible for the for overall direction of the company since the day he personally ran the first analysis for the company in 1994. Chuck’s background includes seven years with the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) and five years with commercial labs in Jacksonville before starting AEL. He is a strong supporter and actively involved with the University of North Florida (UNF) and University of Florida. At UNF, Chuck sits on the Dean’s Council, has set up an endowment to UNF’s Environmental Center, and has established the “Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ged Science Scholarship” which is annually awarded to a deserving student pursuing a degree in Chemistry. At UF, he sits on the Foundation Board for the Chemistry College. He holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of North Florida.

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Brandon Beck
VP - Operations

Joined AEL:  2002    

Started in Industry:  1999

Brandon is responsible for the daily production operations of AEL and is the direct supervisor for AEL’s seven Lab Managers. His mission is to coordinate inter-lab processes and to develop best lab practices across AEL. He oversees most vendor contracts for supplies, instrumentation, and services. Brandon assumed the role of Operations Manager in 2012 after having previously served as a Volatiles Analyst, Organics Dept. Manager, and then AEL-JAX Lab Manager. He holds an MS in Environmental Toxicology/BS Biology from Clemson University.

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Evan Ged
Operations Manager

Evan is responsible for AEL’s daily production and oversight of the seven laboratory locations. As Operations Manager his primary mission is ensure overall quality control, laboratory uniformity, mentoring and developing staff, and interfacing with sales and laboratory managers to coordinate projects. He focuses on company growth and innovation through implementing strategic initiatives and identifying workflow efficiencies. Evan re-joined AEL in 2022 after a 10 year career in engineering, design, and consulting. Evan has spent most of his life around AEL and watched his father grow the company from a one-man operation to the largest environmental laboratory network in the state of Florida. He first began working at AEL at a young age building kits and cleaning coolers. Over the years he has served in positions in the Jacksonville and Gainesville AEL laboratories conducting various water quality analysis. Throughout his professional and academic career, Evan has been passionate about water and providing long-term, sustainable solutions for his clients. Evan is a nationally recognized expert in drinking water quality and has extensive experience in drinking water treatment, water quality, optimization, and public health. He is also a licensed professional engineer in Texas and Arkansas. Evan holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master's of Engineering from the University of Florida.

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Marisa French
HR and Payroll Director

Started in the Industry: 2003   

Joined AEL: 2021

Marisa is a seasoned and passionate Human Resources and Payroll Director with 20 years of diversified international business-based HR experience. Marisa honed her HR expertise working with state and federal agencies, and private global companies including Fortune 100 and 500 both in Europe and the US. She joined AEL in 2021 and serves as sole HR and payroll director for the Company which includes the administration of all HR functions, compensation analyses, training and development programs, talent management, benefits, and payroll, in addition to ensure that policies and procedures are properly applied in accordance with the law requirements.

Marisa’s strong managerial and natural emotional intelligence skills has proven vital in creating a culture or collaboration to achieve workforce excellence. She enjoys working on strengthening the Company culture and be a liaison across the organization to help employees reach their full potential and be satisfied at work.

Marisa grew up in Turin, Italy where she pursued her B.A. in Foreign Languages & International Business. She currently read, writes and speaks 7 languages and working on learning the next one.


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Laboratory Managers

Jason Gebhardt

Joined AEL:  2006   

Started in Industry:  1999

Jason is in charge of the day-to-day operations for AEL headquarters laboratory in Jacksonville. The lab is TNI, DoD-ELAP, and ISO 17025 certified. Jason has been the AEL-JAX Lab Manager since 2012 and had previously been a Semi-volatiles Analyst and the Organics Department Manager. He has a strong customer services attitude and is an excellent manager of personnel and projects. Jason holds a BS in Biology from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL.

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Michael Cammarata

Joined AEL:  1998   

Started in Industry:  1994

Michael is in charge of AEL-Tampa, which is one of the largest drinking water/wastewater testing labs in the entire state. He has an amazing command of wet-chemistry analysis and is often called upon to give consultation to government agencies, plant operators, and consulting firms regarding analysis for water treatment plants. Michael is a member of the Florida Rural Water Association, the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, and the America Water Works Association. Michael holds a BS in Microbiology and a minor in Chemistry from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.

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Tim Preston

Joined AEL:  2013   

Started in Industry:  1989

Tim, our Tallahassee Lab Manager, has experience in most every area in analytical laboratories - working his way from bench chemist, to Department Manager, to Project Manager, and now Lab Manager. He has an incredible devotion to client service built while serving 13 years as a Project Manager. Tim has built a strong reputation throughout Florida for helping clients in government, industry, and consulting with their lab needs. He holds a BS in Chemistry from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL.

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Josh Snead

Joined AEL:  2014  

Started in Industry: 2009

Josh manages our newest lab in Fort Myers, FL.  He oversees all operations including the laboratory and field services staff, as well as performing Project Management.  Prior to taking over AEL-Fort Myers, Josh served as the Field Service and Receiving Department Manager at AEL-Tampa where he had shown tremendous skills at production, supervision, organization, quality control, and client services.  In that role, Josh coordinated the sample through-put of over 25,000 projects annually while supervising a staff of three receiving clerks, two field samplers, and three couriers.  He has extensive knowledge of FDEP SOPs and NELAP requirements, and has worked closely with regulatory auditors and quality assurance managers to ensure that the highest level of data integrity is maintained at all levels of service. Before joining AEL, Josh had held a similar role with another national lab for over five years with training in: HAZWOPER, Hazardous Materials and Shipping, and TREEO Surface and Groundwater Sampling.

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Brandon O'Hara

Joined AEL:  2008   

Started in Industry:  2003

Brandon manages our central Florida lab in Altamonte Springs. He has a tremendous attention to detail which is appreciated not only by his clients, but also by his staff and co-workers. At AEL, Brandon started as a Bench Chemist and made his way through Department Supervisor, Project Manager, and Client Services Manager before taking the role of Laboratory Manager. He has an excellent knowledge of ADaPT and of the lab requirements for various FDEP/FDOH compliance programs such as Petroleum Remediation, Solid Waste, Wastewater, and Drinking Water. Brandon holds a BA in Biological Sciences from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.

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Desmond Brady

Joined AEL: 2018 

Started in the Industry: 2014

Desmond always had a passion for the environment and pursued his interests in college where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at Columbus State University. He joined AEL in 2018 working at the Jacksonville laboratory where he began his career in the Semi Volatiles Extractions department. He quickly demonstrated his abilities and was fast-tracked into becoming a Semi-Volatiles Analyst, extracting and analyzing almost every drinking water test at AEL. Desmond is well versed in the Organics department and gained experience in the Inorganics and Microbiology departments as well, then moved to the LC lab, where he aided in getting the PFAS and 8330 methods certified. Desmond has strong leadership and communication skills, along with a good work ethic. His experience at AEL made him a great culture fit to be promoted to the laboratory position in Gainesville in 2022.

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Quality Assurance

Lori Mangrum
Quality Assurance Director

Joined AEL:2023

Started in Industry: 1989

Lori is responsible for the overseeing the AEL quality assurance program to ensure uniformity and consistent implementation across AEL’s seven laboratory locations. She is the direct supervisor to AEL’s QA Managers and oversees compliance with AEL’s policies and procedures. Lori works to improve overall data quality and to develop new aspects of the QA program. Her mission is to provide guidance and support to the AEL QA team. Prior to assuming the role of AEL’s Quality Assurance Director in 2023, Lori most recently served more than a decade as the Director of Quality Assurance for another TNI/ISO/DOD laboratory network in Florida and has more than 30 years of experience working in environmental labs across Florida and the Southeast. As a chemist on the bench, she gained a strong understanding and solid working knowledge of wet chemistry and metals analyses and efficient, quality methodology. She quickly moved into a supervisory position which also allowed her to train new staff. Later, as a project manager, she gained a strong understanding of client and regulatory needs and requirements. Lori holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Central Florida.

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Vivian Abare
Quality Assurance Officer

Joined AEL: 2014 

Joined the Industry: 2010

Vivian began as a microbiology analyst at the Tampa laboratory and moved into the inorganics department where she started also as analyst. Vivian was then promoted Supervisor and later Department Manager overseeing the wet chemistry, metals and microbiology departments. She is currently covering the role of Quality Assurance Officer for AEL’s Tampa, Gainesville and Altamonte Springs locations. Vivian holds a BS in Environmental Science and Biology from Saint Leo University.

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Heather Quillal-lan
Quality Assurance Officer and Jacksonville Microbiology Technical Director

Joined AEL:  2014   

Started in Industry:  2005

Heather is responsible for overseeing quality control for AEL-Jacksonville and AEL-Tallahassee with duties including regular upkeep of the standard operating procedures, administration of proficiency testing, submitting of applications for new certifications, and the maintenance of programs to ensure the generation of quality results that comply with the NELAC (TNI) and/or DOD-ELAP. Heather has been a member of the AEL QA Team since 2021 and had previously been a Semi-volatiles Analyst and the Organics Department Manager for AEL-Jacksonville.  Before joining AEL, Heather served as a Semi-volatiles Analyst and Data Validator for over five years with another TNI/ISO/DOD/DOE accredited environmental laboratory.  Heather has a thorough knowledge of environmental chemistry analysis goals, methods, science, and instrumentation. Her chemistry experience is made even stronger because of her time spent as a data validator, which provides her with an uncommon appreciation for the goals of our clients and the regulatory community. Heather holds a BS in Biology, a BS in Psychology, and a Minor in Chemistry from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC.

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Sales and Business Development

Wes Tyler
Account Executive - Tampa

Joined AEL:  2012    

Started in Industry:  1974

Wes’s focus is on managing a select group of client accounts for AEL, mostly all located in the greater Tampa area. His clients love his “can-do” attitude and his fantastic customer service focus; he always tries to find solutions to every client’s problem. His past environmental lab experience includes roles as an Account Manager, Bench Chemist, Project Manager, and Lab Manager. Clients have included the EPA, FDEP, FDOT, military, phosphate, citrus and environmental consulting firms. His research lab experience includes time spent as a Chemist, Lab Director, and Research and Development Director for Dow Chemical and BASF Chemicals, where he helped develop eight US patents. He is a member of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association and the Tampa Bay Area Environmental Professionals. Wes holds a BA in Chemistry from the University of Texas in Arlington, TX.

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Todd Romero, E.I.T.
Strategic Accounts Manager – North Region

Joined AEL:  2015    

Started in Industry:  1986

Todd handles mostly larger consulting/engineering firm accounts in our North Region (coast-to-coast, north of Saint Petersburg), including Georgia and the Carolinas. His engineering experience grants him a real-world understanding his client’s needs and goals. Previously, Todd had served as AEL’s Gainesville Laboratory Manager (four years) and as the Manager of the mobile lab firm KB Labs (14 years). At KB, his work specialized in large, high profile site characterization and remediation projects - working closely with clients on field logistics and data quality objectives. Prior to KB, Todd was with MACTEC (now AMEC FW) for 15 years as a Senior Staff Engineer and Department Lab Manager. Todd holds a BS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.

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Steve Warren
Director Federal Programs

Joined AEL:  2018    

Started in Industry:  1995

Steve is in charge of developing AEL’s Federal programs work for consulting firms and/or directly for Federal agencies such as the DoD, EPA, USGS, and DOE. He has spent his career focusing on providing analytical services to federal facilities and consultants for compliance, investigations and remediation projects. His goal is providing superior customer service and developing win-win scenarios to support the diverse needs of the federal government and its contractors. He is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). Steve holds a BS in Business from Richard Stockton College in Galloway Township, NJ.

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Debra Elliott, Ph.D.
National Accounts Manager

Joined AEL:  2019     

Started in Industry:  1992

Debra joined AEL to expand the laboratory’s geographic footprint as a national laboratory by building relationships with environmental consultants and key industries.   She brings technical experience with investigations, remediations and on-going compliance projects from coast to coast, and has strong interest in emerging contaminants and complex site cleanups.   With a diverse contract testing background spanning three decades, Debra also follows environmental research and regulation related to personal care/consumer products and pharmaceuticals.   She is a member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP), both state and local chapters (FAEP and SFAEP) and the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).  Debra holds an MBA from Ohio University and a Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University.

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Wayne Khan
Account Executive – South Florida, SW Florida & Caribbean

Joined AEL: 2008  

Started in Industry: 1990

Mr. Khan has over 32 years of analytical, field, project management, sales and executive management experience in the environmental laboratory industry. His analytical expertise includes microbiology, organic extractions, wet chemistry, herbicides and HAA analysis. His project management experience includes managing a remote service center and being an in-house project manager at a full service lab. He also served as interim lab manager at a full service lab for two years. He has in-depth knowledge of Florida regulatory programs including drinking water, wastewater, landfill and petroleum/dry cleaner clean-up operations. He is also familiar with regulatory requirements for Federal programs including CERCLA, RCRA, CWA, SDWA and TSCA. He holds a B.A. in Economics from York University in Toronto, Canada.

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