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Lab Services

Personalized Service:  Our Project Managers and Account Executives are only the first line of people working to help meet your projects goals, but they are likely the ones you will interact with the most.  They take pride in knowing details about your projects and in familiarizing themselves with your organization’s systems.  This type of personal involvement can help for instance when a wastewater result surpasses your permit limits (you likely don’t want to find out by mail of the potential violation).    

Customized Kits:  AEL can provide kits with pre-printed labels and packaged by sampling point.  All you have to do is fill all the bottles in a set and notate the sampler name and date/time information.  Helps save you time in the field and eliminate transcription errors.    

Fast Turnaround:  Our standard turnaround on environmental work is five to seven working days.  For drinking water and wastewater it is ten days.  As we see it, this enables you to perform your job better and quicker.  We can also provide rush turnaround delivery for most parameters – but please call to schedule this in advance (if you are rushing it, it must be important – so we want to make sure we have the capacity to deliver it on time). 

Electronic Deliverables:  We can provide your final report via e-mail with an electronic signature, scanned chain-of-custody, and final invoice.   If you are developing a database for projects, AEL can provide your results in several electronic data deliverable (EDD) formats .  EDDs can be Excel spreadsheets, your own custom format, or various standard industry formats including ADaPT.  Saves you time and reduces typographical errors while re-keying all that data.  And there is no worry about compatibility between the hard copy and EDD - both are extracted directly from our LIMS and the data is identical. 

Local Courier Service:  With facilities in Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville, Orlando, Miami, and Tallahassee, AEL couriers have a wide area of coverage across the State.  This helps reduce your costs by eliminating shipping and usually saves you a day on turnaround.

Field Services:  AEL has experienced field sampling technicians equipped with all the necessary tools to complete most any sampling event.  We have technicians who are 40hr HAZWOPER certified and who have completed the Florida DEP Field SOP Training.  Experience includes sampling at landfills, industrial facilities, various remediation operations, and from boats.