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The Largest LAB Network in Florida!

AEL LabAdvanced Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (AEL) has seven NELAP certified laboratories in Florida – more than any other company in the State.  No one else offers the local service for kits, courier, project management, and analysis that AEL provides all the way from the Panhandle to the Keys.  AEL works for over 1,000 clients and on over 50,000 projects annually, including landfill/solid waste, assessment/remediation, wastewater/drinking water, and industrial process control.  Combined with a management group with well over 100 years collective experience, AEL is an excellent choice for all of your analytical services needs.  

What one word best describes you? 

How many times have you heard that question?  It’s a common question on job interviews, first dates, and on every reality game show these days.   

At AEL, we get asked that question by potential clients quite often.  It makes sense - a sales pitch is essentially a job interview after all.  So we decided to seriously think about it and try to describe ourselves with that one key word; that one word that embodied what we stood for as a company and as individuals that make up our firm. 

Like most people or organizations, we came up with lots of answers.  Of course, most were more than one word.  But we did find the thread that joined them all together; the one word that describes how our company and our employees operate and carry out their daily jobs better than any other: Passionate. 

Passionate:  with intense emotion, strong desire, boundless enthusiasm, ardent love. 

Odd choice for a bunch of nerdy chemists?  Not really if you think about it.  Some of the most passionate people throughout history have been the explorers, the researchers, and the scientists.  People driven by an unquestionable internal motivation and an incredible desire to succeed.   

At AEL, our passion is our work.  We want to be the best environmental laboratory in business.  We want our clients to know that they can count on us to give them the best product available; best service, best data quality, and best deliverables.  Born from an ardent love of our craft, from chemist to courier to lab manager, we have an intense desire and a boundless enthusiasm to succeed in this goal. 

Passionate about our work, passionate about our service, passionate in our goal to be the best.

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