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AEL Software


The Trouble with Lab Reports

Reviewing laboratory reports and analyzing the data for compliance can be a time consuming and often tedious task.  And when dealing with multiple State rules, different limits, different units, dozens of samples, and scores of compounds - it can be way too easy to make a mistake.  SELECT AEL is a program designed to help by automating the process and letting your computer do the work for you. 

SELECT AEL, developed by Advanced Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (AEL), does the evaluating and charting of the laboratory data for you and allows you to do in minutes what literally could take you hours or days to do manually.  All you need is our SELECT AEL, MS-Access, MS-Excel, and our custom EDD. 

What’s in a Name?

The name SELECT AEL is not just a marketing gimmick – it actually represents what the software does for you.  “SELECT” stands for Specific Electronic Limits Evaluation & Charting Tool.

Benzo(a)pyrene Conversion Tables

Which samples need it?  When do you use half the MDL?  Soil PAHs have become a bit more of a burden since the FDEP started requiring the Benzo(a)pyrene Conversion Tables.  With SELECT AEL, you just open your project EDD and at the click of a button, you can generate one table or 100 in less than a minute.  SELECT AEL does all of the calculations for you and the printed forms look identical to the State version.  You can print directly from SELECT AEL or open them in MS-Word. 

Petroleum Analytical Summary Forms

SELECT AEL also generates customizable tables for your Petroleum Analytical Summary reports, enabling you to simply cut and paste results into your historical report sample point by sample point.  No more typing in every single result, trying to match units, or forgetting to type in a “U” for undetected analytes.  SELECT AEL saves you time and helps eliminate mistakes.